SalientMG Scorecard

Salient Scorecard is a strategic planning tool that generates an assessment of where your company is today through a data-based, insight-rich scoring of your current go-to-market strategy. Scorecard offers an objective, qualified, third party view of your core business areas to provide insights and direction to accelerate growth. Scorecard’s assessment methodology is grounded in data so our insights are substantiated and trustworthy.

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SalientMG Self-Serve

Salient Self-Serve levels the playing field by providing affordable marketing services to small companies and start-ups. We share our expertise, techniques and tools so our clients can quickly build stable marketing foundations, solve issues and win in-market without having to take on the cost of building a full marketing team or hiring a full service marketing firm. Self-Serve is a simple way to buy time, small projects, or templates from marketing experts.

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SalientMG is a unique marketing solutions firm. We provide our expertise to our clients and then execute on it. Our work spans strategic marketing, digital marketing, product marketing, creative services, event marketing and PR. Our clients are both start-ups and established companies who are seeking our guidance to drive leads, close new business, or retain customers.



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