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Reflections from Advertising Week Europe

  • by Mack McKelvey
  • Apr 09, 2015

I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the Advisory Council of Advertising Week Europe for the past two years and I’ve watched the conference grow into an incredible collection of talent, expertise and knowledge sharing. The team at Stillwell Partners and the Lighthouse Company has built the event into the best advertising and marketing conference […]


The Role of PR in a Larger Marketing Organization

  • by Max Nelson
  • Mar 31, 2015

Too often, PR work is considered synonymous with media relations. The value of an agency or individual rep is tied to how many “hits” they can deliver or their relationships with media. Yes, media coverage is a part of the job (and certainly one of the most visible and measureable parts), but to say that […]


Always be Prepared: One Account Director’s Motto

  • by SalientMG Team
  • Mar 19, 2015

I was never a Boy Scout. And I’m pretty sure my second grade self only went to Girl Scout meetings for the cookies (because who doesn’t love Thin Mints?), but, in my years in account management, I’ve learned to live by the Scout’s Motto: Always be prepared. I’ve always been a classic Type A personality […]


The Single Page Dilemma

  • by Brian Lichty
  • Mar 13, 2015

Single page websites are all the rage these days, but are they right for your business? Here are some reasons to reconsider the single page approach… 1. Forget About that Google SiteLinks Listing –Google SiteLinks are extended search listings that display additional website content (typically the first-tier nav structure). These extended listings are valuable as […]


Online Publishers Use Data to Drive Visibility

  • by Tyanne Gibson
  • Mar 02, 2015

Data…it’s everywhere. I recently read an article on TheNextWeb (sponsored by SimilarWeb) that underscores this point, talking about how popular business-focused journals – Business Insider, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune and Fast Company are using data to shape their content by analyzing keyword search terms. Makes sense, right? Online publishers are seeking a strategy […]


The Next CEO is the CMO

  • by Matt Andrews
  • Feb 27, 2015

As the head of marketing, maybe CMO, you’re sitting in the boardroom among the executive team. Also in attendance are the various “heads of state” from different departments: sales, HR, operations, technology, product, and editorial among others, depending on your field of business. At the head of the table is the leader of the team, […]


Brands, Retailers and the Mobile Ventures Summit

  • by Max Nelson
  • Feb 26, 2015

Last month, our CEO Mack McKelvey attended the Mobile Ventures Summit in Los Angeles, and saw a panel titled “Mobile at the Shelf” where executives from P&G, Neutrogena and other brands discussed mobile advertising, real-time attribution and the relationship between brands and retailers. One of the participants on the panel was Eric Moujaes, the VP […]


3 Rules Every Designer Needs to Know

  • by Brian Probus
  • Feb 24, 2015

Being an effective designer is often challenging. Add in small screens, even smaller attention spans, and a mobile arms race for the next big thing and design becomes downright problematic. Instead of falling into the second screen rabbit-hole, designers must bring themselves back to basics: less is more. Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer distilled this principle […]


6 Ways to Boost Revenue by Increasing Customer Lifetime Value

  • by SalientMG Team
  • Feb 18, 2015

I recently wrote an article for the Advertising Week Social Club focused on the lifetime value of a customer. The article looks at how most sales and marketing teams focus their efforts on acquiring new customers and forget to focus on the longer-term picture of achieving maximum revenue through the lifetime of their customers. If […]


SalientMG is looking for PR and Social Media Interns

  • by Max Nelson
  • Feb 16, 2015

For anyone looking to learn about Marketing, there is no better way than to just jump in full force and immerse yourself. I personally started my career as an intern at SutherlandGold, a PR firm in San Francisco, and that experience was an invaluable first step in progressing my career. I had an opportunity to […]


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