Tech Product Incubation

SalientMG Scorecard

Salient Scorecard is a strategic planning tool that generates an assessment of where your company is today through a data-based, insight-rich scoring of your current go-to-market strategy. Scorecard offers an objective, qualified, third party view of your core business areas to provide insights and direction to accelerate growth. Scorecard’s assessment methodology is grounded in data so our insights are substantiated and trustworthy.

SalientMG Self-Serve

Salient Self-Serve is a white-label, e-commerce-based platform for small to mid-size consultancies. We originally built a self-serve platform for ourselves to manage in-bound client requests, but we quickly realized that other consultants could use this technology to make their own businesses more efficient. The Self-Serve platform is a simple way to encourage clients to buy one-off consulting hours, manage one-off products, etc., and be paid immediately via an e-commerce platform.

Exciting News!

SalientMG’s Strategic Tech Marketing Consulting Practice has merged into The Chameleon Collective. Chameleon Collective has assembled an amazing team of experienced senior executives, entrepreneurs, and super-connectors to help businesses seeking transformation and/or accelerated growth. I’m thrilled to be working with folks like Veronika Sonsev, Freddie Laker, Mack McKelvey, Laura King, Jason J Sosa, Jeff Arbour, Melissa Pacheco, Mike Michael Coner, Sergio Mello, Mike Whitmore and to offer SalientMG consulting clients access to a bigger network. Please visit for more information or to work directly with Mack and other senior consultants.

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